Meet Our Staff

Mr. G, aka Davy the Cleaner, is often seen keeping the Bar clean. Born in Paisley, Scotland his parents had high hopes of a bright future. Unfortunately, one morning cleaning the Bar he found 20 pence and decided that there was money to be made at Murphy's. So, if you see him wandering around the pub with his head held low, he is neither sad nor depressed. He is merely scanning the floor for more treasure!

Michelle and her husband Mark mismanage the Bar on a daily basis. They are true professionals in this area...


Both are wonderful, but complicated!!!


Michelle was born close to Parkhead in Glasgow as an avid Celtic supporter. Then after a frontal Lobotomy became a Rangers supporter. Please do not remind Michelle of her past until after you receive your drink, otherwise it could be a thirsty day for you (and she also packs a helluva right hook!!!) Her therapist will thank you.


Mark, the other half, is equally qualified to mismanage this establishment. If you are English, Mark is English (Corby). If you are Scottish, he is now Scottish (Aberdeen). He has yet to claim Irish or Welsh status, it is only a matter of time! Both Mark and Michelle follow the age old management style of "pass the bucket" therefore Mr. G will get involved at some stage, as everyone knows the cleaner is the holder of the bucket!!

Nicky runs the kitchen at Murphy's. Your guaranteed to get a huge smile, a little giggle and some amazing authentic British food.

Emily is one of our wonderful bartenders. She's an avid diver and an amateur underwater photographer. So if you get lost in your pint she'll be quick to dive in after you and take pictures of you so everyone can have a good laugh afterwards.

Big Ben. You will never meet a nicer guy, that is if you leave him a good tip. A great bartender and good for some over the bar banter.


This pretty much sums up the staff at Murphy's. Stop on by, have a pint or two, kick back and have a good time.


Murphy's Arms Pub  

       6582   International Dr.

Orlando, Florida 32819


Down the alley across from International Palms Hotel and beside Gator Golf.



         Happy Hour      

Even though we believe every hour should be happy hour ask your Murphy's Pub bartender for the daily specials and Happy Hour specials. Happy Hour starts at 12:00 noon and last till 7:00pm.

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